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NOW ANYONE CAN EARN FROM THE COMFORT OF THEIR HOME PARTNER - 1,80,000 Positions Across India UPOS OWNERS - 9,00,000 Positions Across India ASST. CHANNEL PARTNERS - 18,000 Positions Across India Call us for More Information +91 7908294498

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Who is Global Garner (GG)?
Global Garner is a Times of India invested Rs. 6,680 Crore company which is world's 1st and the only postpaid sales company with ZERO UPFRONT COST. We help vendors to sell their products and services with our Advanced Digital Platform and on-ground sales support. Our business works on a Win-Win model for customers and vendors through this unique platform which offers Cashbacks. User & Vendor referral programs for its users and post paid sales services for all its vendors. Our breakthrough business model is protected with copyrights in 187 countries.

Who Can Be Part Of This? Is There Any Cost?
Anyone who wants to convert their expenses into income. Anyone who wants to earn Part/Full Time Income. Any Business that wants to increase their sales free of cost, Irrespective of your current nature of work / business, you can be part of Global Garner with ZERO UPFRONT COST as a User / Vendor. Optionally can take up other roles as well which we are currently offering.

What Benefits Will I Get as a User?
2% - 100% Guaranteed Cashback on all purchases Opportunity to earn 1 Crore from every Rs. 10,000 Spent through GG App. Earn 10% Through User Referral Program Earn 2.75% Through Vendor Referral Program & GG Coins & Rewards

What Benefits Will I Get As a Vendor? .
Increase sales with ZERO UPFRONT COST Free online Digital package & GG Connect Software worth Rs. 75,000 Exclusivity (1 Kms Radius) & GG Coins & Rewards.

What can I do with the Global Garner app?


What is UPOS / Digital Mall?

 UPOS (Universal Point of Sale) - Also called as Digital Mall is a Business Inter-Exchange platform which helps you build your business by leveraging the myriad of services provided by Global Garner..

How Does It Work?

 Global Garner works by connecting vendors & customers through its unique technology platform to harness the trade cycle.

The Way Forward

 We are Establishing 9 Lakh Digital Malls (UPOS) in India along with a sales and post sales management team. We have limited roles like Partners and Assistant Channel Partners to complete the Digital Malls network by 2022. Digital Malls innovated by Global Garner are going to change the trade model of the future through its innovative technology which allows common man to own a business establishment to enable sales of more than 20 Crore Products & Services using a simple computer or smartphone from the comfort of their homes.

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